PXT Total Person Assessment

Clarify Innate Talents, Strengths & Stretch Areas

Tom Nugent PXT Assessment

To help leaders know themselves and their team members we utilize a proven and effective Total Person Assessment tool called the ProfileXT (PXT).

Thousands of organizations around the globe rely on this same tool to help with critical hiring, succession planning, teaming and coaching. It provides important insights about a person’s Thinking Style (how quickly they process new complex information), their Behavioral Traits and their Occupational Interests. These insights help leaders clarify innate talents, strengths and stretch areas for themselves as well as for their fellow team members.

Effective Leaders:

Know themselves … so they

  • Build on their strengths
  • Make adjustments for stretch areas
  • Develop important skill areas

Know their Direct Reports … so they

  • Work better together stretching and flexing constructively
  • Help them develop themselves in alignment with organization and goals
Help with their career path - succession planning process

Facilitate all team members knowing each other … so they

  • Work better together as a team stretching and flexing constructively
  • Leverage complementary talents, skills, knowledge-experience toward common purpose and goals

Know who they are hiring … to help ensure

  • Culture fit
  • Job fit

Business Coaching and Consulting, Inc. has been an authorized PXT partner since 2004 and have found the insights gained from the assessments essential for effective coaching and consulting with our clients.

PXT was developed by Profiles International and is continually being enhanced by its parent company Wiley & Sons. Millions of people have taken the assessment with impressive results. The PXT is sanctioned by the US Dept. of Labor and meets all the validity and reliability requirements for a tool of its type.  

One of the first things we ask of new clients is to take the PXT Total Person Assessment. This provides both them and us important clarity about their innate talents to help ensure we are coaching them to go with the flow versus swimming up stream so to speak. Importantly it also helps identify key strengths to leverage and critical stretch areas to either avoid or mitigate. Some clients have been hesitant initially but have found this first important step in the coaching process to be instrumental in helping them move forward effectively.

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