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Tom Nugent Testimonials

We started making a profit from day 1...

Forming a new business can be a daunting proposition especially given the failure rates … so I engaged Tom as my business coach 2 years before actually starting the business.  We started making a profit from day 1 and we now have 6 full time employees and a multi-year backlog of work.

Justin Jones

JMJ Team

Sumner, WA

Tom Nugent Testimonials

Tom had an important impact on our company. I highly recommend Tom as a very effective executive coach, one who will be able to help your leaders go to the next level.

We initially engaged Tom in 2004 as an executive coach to help with the development/transition of one of the organization’s most important young leaders. Tom worked with the company’s plan and culture to help this leader understand his personal leadership style and enhance his knowledge and skills.

…Tom’s coaching style and approach proved very effective. His primary focus is on helping people find clarity in whatever challenge or opportunity they are pursuing so they can make decisions that enable the outcomes they are striving for.

…Over the years we further engaged Tom to apply his tool/process for hiring the right people for the right positions, coaching and individual position succession planning.

Thomas F. Gunkel

Chief Executive Officer, M. A. Mortensen Company

Minneapolis, MN

Tom Nugent Testimonials

I highly recommend Business Coaching & Consulting, Inc.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Tom Nugent and Peggy Berry-Nugent for the past five years. Their coaching and business tools have helped us transform the Office of the State Actuary (OSA).

Tom’s personal coaching helped me and OSA’s leadership team become true facilitative leaders — making it easier for others to succeed…Team morale, accountability, ownership, and engagement has also improved.

Matthew M. Smith, FCA, EA, MAAA

State Actuary, WA State

August 1, 2016

Tom Nugent Testimonials

...We could not have transformed our business so completely without Tom's help and guidance.  I would highly recommend Tom and would work with him again.

In July 2013, I started working with Tom Nugent of Business Coaching and Consulting.  He introduced me to a format of engaging with customers which gave us clarity on what customer expectations actually are.  Previously, we had guessed what their expectations were and asked about them in surveys which had low response rates resulting in no useful data.  He also helped us to develop an interview process whereby we receive ongoing, meaningful customer feedback – not just a one and done.  Because of the way we engage our customers in this process, the data we receive is specific and actionable.  With a survey, you get that the customer is satisfied or not satisfied, but not why.  With our interview process, we get the “why”.

Having specific customer expectations which are measured every four months, has engaged our entire team.  There are clear targets and clear improvement plans.  The team is committed to meeting customer expectations because Tom also helped us to identify and continuously measure team expectations.  This has insured that every team member has the tools and environment needed to effectively meet customer expectations.

J. Cameron Crump

Administrator, Fruit and Vegetable Inspection Program

Olympia, WA

March 1, 2016

Tom Nugent Testimonials

Your listening and understanding has greatly impacted and improved my business.

No amount of words can describe how much your coaching and friendship has meant to me.  You have been the one person who has been there for me and shown me the clarity as this year has been a blur at times and so out of focus.

James Clark

Owner, James Clark Design Images (JCDI)

Seattle, WA

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