Clarity-Driven Coaching

Clarify the right things to do...
to achieve the right results.

Tom Nugent Lead With Clarity

Leaders engage us for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from increasing productivity to improving team satisfaction to creating more loyal customers.  

We do not presume to know all the answers to every client situation.  Rather we see ourselves as clarifiers helping leaders fully think through their challenges and opportunities so they can make decisions they can commit to.

Typical challenges we help leaders with include hiring of the right people for the right positions, increasing sales and revenue, consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations, and facilitating team success.

To help leaders find clarity we begin by Listening To Understand (LTU).   

Experience has proven to us that one of the most effective means for helping leaders gain more clarity is by being a Receptive Listener.  Someone who suspends preoccupation with self and enters into the other person’s experience.

Second, we facilitate client discussions applying our Clarity Driven Coaching  (CDC) Process designed to help leaders better understand their current situation, where they want to go and how to get there.  We serve as clarifiers throughout the process guiding clients toward the results they are seeking.

Third, we share the knowledge and experience we have gained over the past 25 years to add clarity to the situation as is appropriate.   

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