Department of Agriculture Fruit & Vegetable Inspection Program

The Situation

When Administrator Cameron Crump started with the Washington State Dept. of Agriculture (WSDA) Fruit and Vegetable Inspection Program (F&V) in February of 2013, the program was not healthy externally or internally.

As a pay-their-way business in Washington State Dept. of Agriculture, F&V relies on external revenue from customers to fund their annual budget.

Ms. Crump discovered that customers did not like the organization, and that her employees ranged from disengaged and disinterested to openly critical and hostile. Ms. Crump had no idea why all of this discontent existed, and knew a simple solution - such as sending out a simple survey - would not get to the deeper issue.

Project Scope

Ms. Crump realized she needed help and contacted Tom Nugent at Business Coaching & Consulting.

Tom recommended that Ms. Crump and her department begin by engaging their customer's directly to understand their expectations of the organization and to gauge what their reality was.

Measuring specific customer expectations every four months engaged the entire team and created clear targets and improvement plans.

Tom also helped Ms. Crump identify and continuously measure team expectations. The team became committed to meeting customer expectations, and every team member was given the tools and environment they needed to meet customer expectations.

Tom gave each team member a guiding principle to reflect on when making decisions: "How does policy or action help to meet either a customer of team expectation? If it doesn't, then why am I doing it?"

The Solution

Ms. Crump first contacted Business Coaching and Consulting in July of 2013. Tom Nugent introduced her to the format of engaging with customers and gaining clarity of what her customer expectations actually were. Tom also helped the Department develop an interview process to receive ongoing, meaningful feedback from their customers.

From Administrator Crump

"Tom Nugent was fun to work with but set a high bar. He was very frank about the issues in our implementation and about the feedback we were getting from customers and team members.

He challenged our thinking and the status quo. We could not have transformed our business so completely without Tom's help and guidance."

Administrator Crump of Washington F&V Program Results Business Coaching & Consulting Results Review with Washington Gov. Jay Inslee