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Meet the Business Coaching & Consulting, Inc. Team

Tom Nugent

Business Coaching and Consulting, Inc. grew out of Tom Nugent's passion to help business owners/leaders while he was a partner in a Seattle-based Mergers and Acquisitions firm. He has provided coaching and consulting services to leaders of small, medium and large businesses across numerous industries over the past 20 years. Tom's previous experience includes serving as an executive in a division of a Fortune 100 company with national marketing and sales responsibility.

One of his specialties is helping leaders and their teams become customer-driven organizations resulting in higher customer service, fulfilled employees, improved processes, and higher profits/reduced budgets. He is a Strategic Business Partner at Profiles International, Inc, where he has had extensive training and coaching in the use of the PXT Total Person Assessment to help clients with hiring, succession planning and teaming. He utilizes successful case studies in conjunction with a proven teaming structure to help clients learn and become Real Teams in support of their shared purpose of creating loyal customers.

Tom was certified as a business coach with the National Association of Business Coaches and has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the University of Washington. He served 7 years as Chairman of the Board of Washington State DECA, an organization comprised of over 10,000 student members and 100's of dedicated business and marketing teachers.

Peggy Berry-Nugent

Peggy is a professional assessment and account manager who has a heightened innate awareness of the importance of job fit. Her studies in Cultural Anthropology have given her a unique perspective for helping leaders ensure culture and job fit for the team members within an organization.

Peggy has a background in consumer banking, manufacturing/distribution, and business management. As the operations team leader for a $35 million parts division of a major manufacturing organization, she was certified in LEAN. During her time as a purchasing agent and team leader, she learned to more fully appreciate the importance of ensuring everyone had similar values, were in the right job positions, and knew what to do and how to do it. She brings these skills, knowledge and experience into her role of supporting leaders and their team members in improving performance.

Peggy's commitment to Business Coaching & Consulting, Inc.'s clients stems from the high value that she places on relationships. She is naturally customer-driven, and is passionate about helping others identify and serve their customers. She has in-depth experience working with people at every stage of the "supply chain" from direct customer service in retail banking,to a position in manufacturing/distribution serving the customer of the customer.

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