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to Do... to Achieve the Right Results

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Business Coach Tom Nugent

The purpose of a business is to create and profitably serve loyal customers. 

We coach and consult with business leaders/owners to help them gain clarity about the right things to do to fulfill this purpose and achieve the right results. Doing critical things such as hiring the right people for the positions, increasing sales, consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations, and facilitating team success.

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Tom Nugent - Lead With Clarity Method

We help leaders clarify the right things to do ... to achieve the right results.

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Client Quotes

“I wanted to reach out and thank you for teaching me so much about building high-performing teams and the importance of getting the right people in the right place doing the right things.”

David C. Mortenson, Chairman, Mortenson Construction

We could not have transformed our business so completely without Tom's help and guidance. I highly recommend Tom and would work with him again.

J. Cameron Crump, Administrator, State of Washington Dept. of Agriculture March, 2016

No amount of words can describe how much your coaching and friendship has meant to me.  You have been the one person who has been there for me and shown me the clarity as this year has been a blur at times and so out of focus.  Your listening and understanding has greatly impacted and improved my business.

James Clark, Owner, James Clark Design Images (JCDI)

"BC&C provided real techniques to bring out every individual's performance potential, which helped move our organization forward. Your coaching helped us better align our organization toward common goals and have full engagement throughout the agency."

Deputy Director, State Agency

Tom has been invaluable to me as a personal coach... his passion and enthusiasm for developing leaders is unmatched.

Mike Rohrbach, Washington Legislative Service Center, August 2016

We were facing major challenges;  losing money with little remaining cash flow.  Tom helped get us focused on understanding and meeting customer expectations resulting in transforming the business into a market leader.” 

Rick Williams, General Contractor

Winning business was relatively easy for us … making a profit was the challenge!  Tom facilitated everyone getting on the same page clarifying goals, sharing information, and improving processes.  Everyone started working together as a real team making real profits.

Mike Goodman, Mechanical Contractor

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